For many, training is the easy part. Finding a job after you’ve accomplished a pilot
training program is simple with today’s pilot shortages. There is good news, though: The
airline industry is facing an apparent pilot shortage, and it’s expected to continue for
some time Accelerated Flight Training Academy students are invited to interview to
become flight instructors at Accelerated Flight Training Academy upon completion of
our certified flight instructor Program.  Our instructors fly often and can quickly gain the
hours and amazing necessary for employment as a regional airline pilot. There are
many types of commercial pilot jobs available to graduates our flight training programs.

Here are just a few options:
 Regional Airline Pilot
 Major or International Airline Pilot
 Corporate Pilot
 Charter Pilot
 Contract Pilot (for a private owner)
 Freight/Cargo Pilot
 Ferry Pilot
 Banner towing Pilot
 Sight-Seeing/Tour Pilot
 Agricultural Pilot/Crop Duster
 Skydiver Pilot
 Photographer Pilot
 Airshow Pilot
 Demo Pilot (aircraft sales)
 Medical Evacuation Pilot
 Humanitarian/Charity Pilot
 News/Traffic Pilot
 Pipeline Patrol Pilot
 National Defense or Border Patrol Pilot
 Firefighting or Forestry Pilot

Each of these jobs has its own specific set of requirements and different pilot jobs will
require more or less hours and experience. If you’re focused on getting a particular pilot
job, you should make sure you know the requirements and qualifications needed to
obtain that job.