Each pilot certificate or rating typically involves a component of both ground school and
flight training. Ground school is any training done on the ground and prepares flight
students for the FAA written exam as well as the ground portion of the FAA practical

Ground school can be accomplished by one of any number of different methods.
Ground school training at Accelerated Flight Training Academy is completed one-on-
one with your flight instructor, through an FAA certified online syllabus learning

In the end, our reputable ground school program will cover all of the material necessary
to prepare a student for the FAA written exam (included in Part 61.125), and will include
the instructor “sign-off” needed to take the written exam. Flight training at Accelerated
Flight Training Academy is designed around your needs as an individual.

There are many advantages to conducting flight training at an accelerated school like
Accelerated Flight Training Academy. These advantages include access to the best
instructors and aircraft, consistent daily ground training in combination with flights along
with well-maintained aircraft.